Looking for a unique holiday experience? Rent a campervan hire for fun, adventure, and unforgettable memories.  You can tour, explore, and see so much more than you ever would on your average camping holiday. Here are 10 reasons to hit the open road by campervan:


1      Be mobile - with a campervan, motorhome and touring vehicle in one, you’re free to do as you please. There’s no need to be stranded on a campsite or reliant on public transport.  Stay in one spot, tour a region, hop from campsite to campsite, and stray far from the madding crown, the choice is yours.  Savour the open road, stop for a brew-up, enjoy the view, and take your time.  A campervan hire is all about the journey, it’s your choice from start to finish.


2      Go on an adventure - it’s your campervan hire holiday, there are no rules.  You don’t need to plan a route, just go wherever the mood takes you.   Many of our campervan hires include bunks in the roof, sleeping hammocks, and free awnings, so lots of room for larger families.  The world is your oyster in a campervan.  From music festivals and beach holidays, to mountain exploring and city hops, set out on the open road, it’s made for campervan adventures.


3      Get back to nature - whether you feel most inspired in a coastal, woodland, mountain, or countryside setting, a campervan hire will immerse you in nature. Head off the beaten track and look for secluded campsites that are hidden amongst wildflowers, tree canopies and rural meadows. Park up in a beauty spot, get out the picnic table and chairs, and relax in the sun for as long as you like. Many of our campervan hires include bike racks for those who love getting out in nature on two wheels, as well as lots of storage for games and sports equipment for outdoor fun. Obey signs and bylaws, park away from others, consider the impact of wild camping on local habitats, and take all waste away with you.


4      Keep your creature comforts - campers have everything you need including a stove, fridge, sink - ideal if you’re not too keen on staying in a tent. A place to keep your wine cool and a roof over your head – sound appealing? Our campervan hires and mobile homes can be most ingenious and inventive.  Their multi-functional design means that fold-out tables, swiveling front seats and nifty storage solutions and internal lighting are the norm.  Outdoor tables are neatly stowed in sliding doors, and picnic chairs in the tailgate. Most campers include bedding, cooking equipment extra gas canisters, and can be plugged into a campsite’s electric hook-up.  On-board water tanks can be easily refilled at a campsite and for mobile homes, portable toilet waste can be emptied safely at campsite disposal stations.


5      Eat local - with full self-catering facilities and wheels to get out and about, you can enjoy some amazing meals. Shop for fresh foods at farmer’s markers, local delis and bakeries. Stock up the campervan hire fridge with essentials from the supermarket and then splash out on local delicacies such as fresh fish and seafood, locally-made sausages, and regional cheeses.  Cooking is great fun in campervans and quick-cooking – especially with only two rings – can be inventive.  Think pasta, couscous and chilli matched with ingredients such as pesto, chorizo and herbs to add some extra zing.  Food tastes so good outdoors so get those local delicacies on the barbeque or small stove and crack open a beer or bottle of wine.  Even better, sizzling bacon in the morning as the run rises, pure campervan heaven.


6      See the sights - forget hotels, you can stay in/near major cities and attractions with your own transport at a fraction of the cost.  There are many camping and campervan sites around the UK (and Europe) close to major cities and top attractions. Check out www.coolcamping.co.uk. Plot your campervan hire break by the cities and the attractions that you really want to see and explore them at your own pace with the flexibility to move on when you want. Set out on a historical trail of some of England’s most historic castles.  Follow a special route such as The Snake Pass in the Peak District, the Midlands Tick through Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, and The Buttertubs Pass through the Yorkshire Dales.  Or plan your campervan hire over four short-breaks a year and explore four different cities and regions over four long weekends.


7      Stress less - conveniently collect your camper locally, most rental companies offer parking for your own vehicle. Jump in and go. No trains, planes, taxis or buses.  And, with a campervan hire, the enjoyment is in the journey, not the destination. Relax, take it slow, the driving experience in a vintage campervan or motorhome is different, especially in vintage campers, you’ll need to treat them gently.  Many of our vintage campervan hires have been reconditioned to get you up hill and down dale, but we bet you won’t want to rush things anyway, you’re sitting up high and enjoying the views, so why hurry? 


8      Be a celeb - iconic VW campers always attract lots of attention on the road, people will wave as you pass by…it’s so much fun for kids. Don’t forget the ‘official’ VW wave called the Shaka sign that effectively means ‘hang loose’ and is a common gesture in Hawaii (associated with surf culture) and Brazil.  Extend the thumb and little finger (keeping the middle three fingers closed) and show the back of the hand while waving, got it?  Get the kids practicing before you go!  Did you know that Jamie Oliver, Richard Hammond, Kate Moss, Tom Cruise and Sir Paul McCartney are all lovers of campervan holidays? So go on, get your celeb hat on and be a part of the real VW community.


9      Save money - to rent a camper that sleeps 4 people for 1 week costs as little as £400.  And if you’re saving on the accommodation costs that means more to spend on the holiday luxuries. A campervan hire offers good value for money compared with staying in hotels and eating out, or renting self-catering accommodation and hiring a car.  Check out any additional costs for insurance and extra drivers, and budget for overnight campsite feels and fuel costs.   Choose the right vehicle to suit your trip and make sure it has sufficient space and storage for your party and is suitable for the distances you’ll be travelling. Our campervan van hires range from cool and colourful vintage campers.  There’s beautiful light blue Hector in Devon, handsome Tizer in Cornwall who was born in Brazil, Miss Scarlett in Yorkshire – no clues for guessing her colour, and cool Casper in Kent, and many more.  Check out our T4 and T5 campers, some have heating systems and are great for hopping over to Europe, and our plush Motorhome models with all the home-from-home luxuries including separate bathroom compartments, and over-cab double bed, and a spacious dinette.


10   Do something unforgettable - you’ll never forget the year you hired a classic camper and toured the Cornish Coast.  Make it the year you finally get to Glastonbury Festival and make it even more special in a campervan hire. Take the kids for a month long summer holiday and see how many of Britain’s fabulous beaches you can visit.  Go wild camping in Scotland. Pick the remotest campervan site you can and hide away for the whole week getting as close to nature as you can and as far away from the office as possible.  Chase the most beautiful sunset possible and watch the sun go down at a different spot each evening.  Go on, you can be as imaginative as you like on a campervan hire holiday.