Yorkshire is the largest of the 39 counties of England, and spans an area of 2.9 million acres. Being the largest county in a country has its benefits, and vast lands left unspoiled have made Yorkshire one of the greenest places in England as well. The county can be split geographically on a map, with areas separating into North, South, East and West Riding.  

With a white rose on a blue background as the emblem of the largest county, Yorkshire is referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’ as well. 80% of the county is considered urban with only East and North Yorkshire featuring rural areas.

According to the last census held in 2011, Yorkshire has a population of around 5.3 million people. A majority of the people speaks English as their first language. However, the diverse communities living in Yorkshire has led to many people communicating in different languages as well.

The county has a rich history, with battles and conquests making it into their history books. However, you may be less interested in the history of the county and more interested in the attractions that lie there for your next vacation visit to Yorkshire. So, without any further ado, let us take a look at why Campervan Holidays in Yorkshire are a must.

Why Yorkshire?

There is a reason why Yorkshire has been named the best European Travel destination twice: the place is simply awesome. However, reading from a guide can only tell you so much. Only when you visit the place you would be able to know the beauty of Yorkshire. There are tons of stunning places to visit and excellent places to eat. Throughout this travel guide, you will discover amazing places to go to and events to attend.

There are over 800 attractions in Yorkshire, so there is no chance you will be bored in England’s largest county. The staggering greenery of the vast lands is enough for anyone to fall in love with the place. So, whether you are a person who loves astonishing sites or you love to visit places with rich historical backgrounds, or would simply like to visit a place for a change, Yorkshire is perhaps one of the best destinations in Europe to visit.

With incredibly welcoming people, you will feel at home, whichever place you visit within Yorkshire. You can even hire a camper for your visit if you are worried about your stay in the county. There are plenty of campsites to stay in and whether you are with friends or family, it does not matter, because all the campsites are highly secure and family-friendly zones.

You are not only limited to campers as well. You can choose from luxury caravans as well to make your stay in Yorkshire as enjoyable as possible.

Places to Visit in Yorkshire

If you think there are many places to visit in Yorkshire simply because it is the largest county in England, you would be right in thinking so. You may, however, still be underestimating the number of stunning places you can visit, because there are countless locations and landscapes that will keep you occupied with the county for a long time to come, let alone your vacation only.

North York Moors

Over 1400 miles of natural beauty make North York Moors one of the most tranquil places in Yorkshire. The lovechild of beauty and peace, the North York Moors should surely be at the top of your list of places to visit. In fact, it is a national park of the county with a population of 23,380 people, but the calm and serene atmosphere of the Moor will suggest otherwise.

You will find pine forests, hills and even hidden villages in places that will make you feel you are in a fantasyland. With historic abbeys and castles, and traditional pubs for the travelers and residents, the North York Moors attract more than a fair share of the travelers who decide to visit the number one destination in Europe.

The Yorkshire Dales

If you think beauty and dazzling scenery stop at the North York Moors, you could not be more wrong. The Yorkshire Dales is among some of the most beautiful scenery you will get the pleasure of witnessing in the county of Yorkshire.

There are amazing cultural and historical artifacts and heritage throughout the Dales. The atmosphere is extraordinarily peaceful with forests and Yorkshire Dales national park enhancing the splendor the place emits.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park itself is home to some of the most iconic beauty attractions, housing limestone valleys, historic castles, and villages to remind you of scenes you only get to see in movies.

The Yorkshire Coast

Moving towards the Yorkshire coast will bring you towards one of the most delightful countryside in the UK. The Yorkshire coast is among some of the most naturally beautiful places to visit in the entire county to climb the rocky cliffs and see the fishing villages. With family-friendly resorts and stretches of white sand, the coast is a must visit place for families on vacation.

South Yorkshire

Moving to a more populous community, South Yorkshire, which once was the heart of industry, has now transformed into a playground for sports, culture and music. With 21st century transfusion of shopping malls, amazing nightlife, and plenty of family attractions, the South Yorkshire is a must–visit, especially for families. Some of England’s finest Gothic architecture resides in the South York along with Victorian monuments and museums.

However, the place still retains the look of old times with the Victorian monuments, and the mix of 21st century facades and old buildings make it one of the most attractive and interesting places to visit.

For history buffs, the Roman Fort of Burghwallis and the 12th century Doncaster Church to the Castle of Conisborough is enough to rattle their interests. As if that were not enough, the Norman Stone Masonry and the world’s oldest iron forge of Wortley Top are enough to save the day.

For the brave hearted, South Yorkshire has the 17th Century Crawbook Hall to offer one of city’s most haunted places. For horse lovers, the famous racecourse, a centre for horse racing since 16th century, is a great place to visit.

East Yorkshire

East Yorkshire is a wonderful cosmopolitan city with vast grasslands and serene landscapes. East Yorkshire is home to medieval towns, the Bronze Age ruins and manor houses, all in surprisingly unchanged fashion. Travel north of East Yorkshire and you will be greeted by the Humber rushes heritage and the energy the place emanates.


Moving into the more populous areas, Malton is a market town in Yorkshire, lying north of the River Derwent. One of the best food destinations for travelers, the town is also known for the famous food festivals, the traditional shops and the Malton cookery school. Malton is basically a paradise for the food lovers. The restaurants offer excellent food and drink selections for foodies.

Where to shop

When there is a need to shop for relics and vestiges for friends and family back home who didn’t get the opportunity to visit the extraordinarily beautiful county of Yorkshire, the county itself doesn’t disappoint. Don’t let the vast green lands and moors fool you into believing there aren’t any modern shopping centers for you to shop till you drop.

Here is a list of places where you can spend your money on things you would like to buy to remind you of your adventurous visit to the county of Yorkshire:

The Mill

A unique shopping centre, the Mill provides an enjoyable shopping experience with many department stores to fulfill your shopping needs. The Mill also offers free parking space for the visitors and over 40 stores provide plenty options for the shopping lovers.

The center also houses 4 restaurants under its roof and you will also find big brands and fashion departments to fulfill your fashion desires. You can purchase sports and outdoor gear, and home ware and furniture for your home as well and that too at discounted prices.

Hornsea Freeport

The Hornsea Freeport has a parking lot that can accommodate over 1400 cars, and over 40 stores with huge discounts on famous brands. The place is surrounded by beautiful landscape and a friendly village atmosphere. There are many attraction points, like play areas for the kids, and the beach is not located too far as well.

Lightwater Country Shopping Village

The Lightwater Country Shopping Village is spread over 40,000 square feet to offer you the best retail space and something for everyone to fancy. Whether you are looking for men’s clothing or women’s fashion accessories, you will find everything under one roof in the Lightwater Country Shopping Village.

There’s a wide range of clothing for children as well and furniture shops will take care of your home decoration needs. There are gift shops as well where you can buy souvenirs for yourself as well as your family.

Trinity Walk

You can easily find all the leading brands on Trinity Walk. There are over 60 shops in the mall with the most famous being the Debenhams store and also the largest Sainsbury store in the entire locality. No matter what age you are, there is something for you on Trinity Walk. If you are hungry, you can drop in at any of the restaurants and cafes in the mall to quench your thirst and hunger.

The Coppergate Centre

The Coppergate Centre is situated within the walls of the ancient city, and is famous for housing the Jorvik Viking Centre which itself commands huge popularity among the tourists and residents alike. The Coppergate Centre also houses many top name brands from around the world and the best cafes and restaurants you can eat in.

It even has a museum and a gallery for people interested in history. The facility also offers on-site car parking and people travelling without a car can easily get to the railway station which is located at a short distance from the Centre.

Where to Stay? (The Best Campsites in Yorkshire)

Most people visit Yorkshire to see the entire place by the end of their vacation. The temptation to do that is too hard to resist given the beauty almost every other place holds, so most of them want to stay on the move and not stay put in hotels and guest houses.

The perfect solution to staying on the move, and yet be comfortable and safe in a homely environment is to hire a camper or a caravan. There are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a caravan or camper for you, your friends, or your family, and glamorous spots to park your campers.

Yorkshire guarantees a warm welcome to all the campers who wish to stay at campsites with amazing events and occasions to celebrate with your family. There are numerous camping sites throughout Yorkshire for you to park your camper in at night for a blissful bodily recharge and get moving to discover and explore new places and attractions the next day.

The best part about the campsites in Yorkshire is the numerous awards they have won over the years. Several campsites in England’s largest county have won and been nominated for the Caravan and Camping Park of the Year at the White Rose Awards 2014.  This speaks volumes of the quality of services these camps provide to the travelers, so you have no reason to worry about the safety as well as entertainment for your family.

Here are some of the best campsites for you to stay at:

Studfold Caravan and Camping Park

The winner of the Rose Award 2014, the Studfold Caravan and Camping Park is situated in Lofthouse, North Yorkshire, at the heart of Nidderdale. The best place to park in Yorkshire has far more to offer than just parking your camper on the grounds. You can see cattle and sheep reared at the working farm and lambing time which has become a favorite for the children staying with their families in the park.

There are several other facilities that will convince you to park your caravans at the Studfold camp when you decide to hire a camper for your visit to Yorkshire. The touring park has a strong family culture and exhilarating scenery surrounding the park, and welcomes caravans, motor homes and tents, etc, as well.

Faweather Grange Holiday Lodges

Here is another award winning campsite in Yorkshire which offers unique luxury services to set it apart from other camps. The therapy treatments and custom-made pamper packages make it one of the most sought-after camping sites in Yorkshire. And if that is not enough to fulfill your luxurious need, they also offer a chauffeur-driven Bentley service to take you places in style. With plenty of space in 11 lodges, it is a must stay campsite for the fancy folks.

Primrose Valley Holiday Park

With one of the most beautiful landscapes, people need few other reasons to keep coming back to the Primrose Valley Holiday Park for a stay. They host multi-sports courts and beautiful lake and open green grass areas for families to enjoy. The beaches, restaurants and pools all make it worth the stay with plenty of other activities to keep yourself occupied throughout your stay at the park.

Lebberston Touring Park

Lebberston is a small park run by a family that offers a serene place to stay for people who prefer calm and relaxation over fun and entertainment. You get an amazing view of the Vale of Pickering and Yorkshire Wolds and feel in the middle of countryside while actually being miles away from it.

Cawood Holiday Park

There are plenty of entertainment events for the young ones as well as the older folks in Cawood Holiday Park. There are entertainment events every weekend at the park with clubhouse fun as well as licensed bars with sports TV and free internet access for everyone in the Clubhouse. The weekly entertainment is included in the cost of the stay, which is another reason why people love staying at Cawood Holiday Park.

So, if you want to explore Yorkshire in a camper, park your vehicle in any of the parks mentioned above.

Where and What to Eat?

You can’t visit a place and not eat their famous food and visit their restaurants which feature mouthwatering dishes. And Yorkshire is one place where ignoring the food is like closing your eyes to something beautiful.

The White House Farm Inn

Nominated as Yorkshire’s favorite pub in 2012, the White House Farm Inn is a 16th century inn, surrounded by the North Yorkshire Moors and set on the hillside with a view of the Rosedale Abbey Village. The restaurant features a roaring log fire which gives comforting warmth and charm to the visitors and offers a large selection of ales, malt whisky and fine wines. You can help yourself to the traditional Fayre everyday of the week as well.

The Dale Head Farm Tea Garden

Situated in the North York Moors, the Dale Head Farm Tea Garden lies in the shadow of the Rosedale Valley. The garden specializes in loose leaf Yorkshire tea and serves Harrogate coffee in China cups. Every baking item you feel compelled to eat is made in-house with the best possible ingredients.

The Dale Head also specializes in cakes and is famous for the Yorkshire moggy, beer fruit cake, tea bread and a lot more to choose from. The menu has a lot of other delicacies to offer as well, so don’t leave out the Dale Head Farm from your expedition.

The BlackSwan

A 16th century pub located in Oldstead houses 5-star rooms for the visitors. It is set in a rural location 20 miles north of York and has Britain’s youngest chef, Tommy Banks. The food the restaurant provides is sure to settle down as one of your best food experiences in Yorkshire with the quality and flair they provide with the eatery. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed as well, so enjoying your food is all you do while you sit peacefully at the Black Swan.

The Pipe and Glass Inn

A small restaurant based in Beverly, East Yorkshire, has a menu that offers the best of the Yorkshire traditions. The entire restaurant is made of warm wood and is perhaps one of the loveliest places to spend your evening.

A Few Fun Facts about Yorkshire

Here are some fun facts about Yorkshire that you might find interesting:

  • Yorkshire is the biggest county of England (as if you did not know that already).
  • Yorkshire has won Nine Oscars and incredibly, seven Nobel Prizes (bet you did not know this one). Goes on to show how incredibly talented the people of Yorkshire are.
  • Yorkshire won 7 Gold Medals, 2 Silver, and 3 Bronze medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
  • Yorkshire is the birthplace of the oldest Football club in the world: Sheffield Football Club.
  • The County is also home to the world’s largest Indian restaurant, the Aakash, located in the town of Cleckheaton.
  • Helen Sharman, from Yorkshire, was the first woman to visit the MIR Space station and the first Briton to be in space.
  • Guy Fawkes, the revolutionary behind the failed Gunpowder plot of 1605, was a Yorkshire born.

To Conclude

With so many eye-popping beautiful places, Yorkshire is the best destination in Europe to visit. Being the largest county in England, it has more places to offer than any other county.

And it’s not just amazing places you can visit and spend good time at, there are wonderful places to go eat and have fun as well. With so many shopping malls that have the most popular brands to offer you a shopping spree, the county leaves no stone unturned for the visitors to feel welcome to the historic place.

The campsites are another great reason to visit Yorkshire with your friends and family. The parks and camping sites are worth a huge load of fun in themselves, so don’t wait on deciding your next destination for vacation and hire a camper and head off to ‘God’s own Country”!

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